UniFormat is an arrangement of construction information based on physical parts of a facility called systems and assemblies. These systems and assemblies are characterized by their function without identifying the products that compose them. Systems and assemblies render a view of a constructed facility different from the view rendered by a breakdown of building materials, products, and activities such as MasterFormat. UniFormat is intended to complement MasterFormat (see alsoMasterformat)

Other Definitions

Uniformat – Standard Classification for Building Elements and Related Sitework.
This classification falls under the jurisdiction of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).
Uniformat II establishes a standard classification of elements, major components common to most buildings, so that one has a consistent reference for estimation, cost analysis and economic evaluation of building projects over time and from project to project. (see also Masterformat)

Uniformat – The Uniformat II method, not yet in general usage, permit a precise match between the schedule and the cost of the construction completed, but is complex and not many contractors are familiar with it yet. (see also Masterformat)

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