Resource Buffer (CCRB) – Flag place on the critical chain to ensure that resources are available when needed to protect the critical chain schedule. The flag is insurance of resource availability and does not add time to the critical chain. It takes the form of a contractor with the resources that ensures their availably, whether or not you are ready to use them then through the latest time you might need the resource. Often called a critical chain resource buffer. (Critical Chain Project Management by Lawrence P. Leach)

Other Definitions

Resource Buffers – Resource Buffers are unlike the other buffers, as they do not directly impact the lead time or scheduling of the project, but rather serve as a wake-up call for resources that may need one in order to be ready to run their leg of the relay when their predecessor is complete. (Frank Patrick’s Focused Performance Critical Chain FAQ)

Resource Buffer – (a CCPM term) is a flag to alert resources planned to work on the Critical Chain that their task is coming up to be worked on.

Resource Buffer – (a CCPM term) guarantees the availability of resources required for activities on the critical chain. Providing scheduled idle time for the resource establishes the resource buffer. Another way is to send timely updates to the resource manager of the project progress, so that the resource is available to perform the critical chain activity as scheduled. Critical chain activity can therefore begin even before its scheduled time, if required. (

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