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Thursday, Dec 18, 2014, 10-15 PM

Hello, I’m Jerrald Hayes and welcome to The Building & Remodeling Business & Project Management Wiki project.

I use the word project to describe this web site because that is exactly what it is right now. It’s a new project with vision but what you’re seeing here is just the first steps in getting this project built. While there is some content to article content to be utilized there is a lot more to come both in the way of articles and features for this site.

Paradigm Projects Web & IT Solutions For Builders, Remodelers & Trade ContractorsIn the meantime enter a term you’re searching for in the search form above or click on one of the Category links to your left to start exploring the Wiki articles I have in place so far.

If you’re interested in becoming a contributing editor or call me at 860-470-7686 (generally around 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST M-F but you may very well be able to find me around at other times too.) and leave me a message if I am not around or otherwise engaged working with a client.

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The OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) is a four-step approach to decision-making that focuses on filtering available information, putting it in context and quickly making the most appropriate decision while also understanding that changes can be made as more...

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A eyeball guesstimate is a often pejorative slang description of an estimate best described as a guess. The potential margin of error in such an estimate is probable ±30%. Wikipedia describe a Guesstimate as: Guesstimate is an informal English portmanteau of guess and...

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A Stakeholder is " either an individual, group or organization who is impacted by the outcome of a project. They have an interest in the success of the project, and can be within or outside the organization that is sponsoring the project. Stakeholders can have a...

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Unit Cost Estimating

Estimating done where the cost for one measured unit of a completed work activity comes with an attached Unit Cost. According to The Constructor - Civil Engineering Home for Civil Engineers Unit Cost Estimating is defined as:: Unit Cost Method of Estimation in...

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A charrette is an intense period of design or planning activity similar to the short daily stand-up meetings that take place in Scrum or Agile project management methods. Charrette - Wikipedia A charrette (American pronunciation: /ˈʃɑːrɛt/), often Anglicized to...

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