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About The Building & Remodeling Business & Project Management Wiki Project

Thursday, Dec 18, 2014 | 10-15 PM

Hello I’m Jerrald Hayes and welcome to The Building & Remodeling Business & Project Management Wiki project.

I use the word project to describe this web site because that is exactly what it is right now. Its a new project with vision but what your seeing here are just the first steps in getting this project built. While there is some content to article content to be utilized there is a lot more to come both in the way of articles and features for this site.

Paradigm Projects Web & IT Solutions For Builders, Remodelers & Trade ContractorsIn the meantime enter a term your searching for in the search form above or click on one of the Category links to your left to start exploring the Wiki articles I have in place so far.

Use the contact form below for more information about what this Wiki Project is all about and if you’re interested in becoming a contributing editor or call me at 860-470-7686 (generally around 8:00 am to 5:00pm EST M-F but you may very well be able to find me around at other times too.)

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